Where You Live? - Photoshop Photo Manipulation

Where You Live? - Photoshop Photo Manipulation
make with Adobe Photoshop CC 2014

where do you live? in an atmosphere of what you live? This difference may not be long problem. we're doomed to live somewhere. you do not like? if you blame your parents who have given birth here? I hope not! whether it's a drought, or a lot of smoke like a city or? the place clean of pollutants contained lots of fresh air. namely in the village. when we have big we can freely choose. and? what is your choice? I live in villages. many beautiful sights here. There are a lot of inspiration. would you live in villages? think again

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Floating Island link

City link
Mountain 1 link
Mountain 2 link
Tree 1 link
Tree 2 link
Desert link
Sky link

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